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Sago At Gulaman Drink

Filipino Drink - Sago At GulamanAll through the year filipino’s love to drink a lot, especially during the hot summers in the Philippines. A typical drink which can be found in many restaurants is Sago at Gulaman. Sago is a tapioca starch and Gulaman is jelly. The combination of these two main ingredients are not only the main ingredients for Sago at Gulaman but also other Filipino drinks. So in order to prepare Sago at Gulaman you need the following ingredients:

• One cup of sugar
• One bar of white gulaman soaked in water and drained
• Two cups cooked sago (tapioca pearls)
• Two cups water

Cooking instructions:

Start by caremelizing the sugar in a pan. When the sugar is melted (till its golden brown) add the two cups of water and continue cooking until the sugar is comletely dissolved. Let it cool off completely and add some of the syrup to the Sago so it will get a sweet taste. Put the Sago and Gulaman in a glass and add some more syrup to make it sweeter. Pour some crushed ice in a glass and fill the glas with ice cold water.

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